A sharing. A letting go. A passing of stories.


Developed by writer and performer Miriam Wasmund, Your Faithful Reader merges the worlds of acting and dance with real letters.

Interested participants were mailed writing prompts—suggestions of letters they may want to write: to others (known and unknown), to themselves, to their most beloved objects, or even the intangible.

The response was pages of heartfelt words, ranging from the romantic and fun to the most honest and brutal truths.

Now a company of actors, dancers, and creatives have given the letters (both anonymous and signed) new life in Your Faithful Reader.


cast & creative

Miriam Wasmund

Miriam Wasmund is an Alvin Ailey trained dancer living and creating work in NYC since 2001. She has had the great fortune to work with many inspiring choreographers and travel with dance which ultimately lead her to find her love for movement, creating and community as a choreographer and producer. Miriam is the Senior Artistic Director of DreamStreet Theater Company,  a not-for-profit performance company for adults living with disabilities. As well she also works in fitness as a Personal Trainer and a Group Coach and knows how important it is for us to live in our bodies, cultivate our passions and find wellness in sharing our spirit to its fullest. She is beyond grateful to her cast , contributors and long time supporters who have been by her side in all the good and all the struggle, and would like to say a very special thank you to Britton and Melena Fisher for the seed of opportunity to find herself in this again.

thank you to our writers

Brigitte Choura

Krista Buccellato

Alexander Patterson 

Katie Naka

Carrie James

Jake Trissler